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You may think that the social panel appears offline but it does not. If you are using the default setting of “off,” it will appear in the top left corner of your screen as a green square. If you want it to appear in the top right corner, you can drag the green square to the right or left as long as there are no other icons displayed above or below it. You can change the icon appearance anytime by visiting the main menu and then selecting “Settings.”

There was a post on a popular website discussing Google’s new feature; Google Now. A reader suggested that we use the Google Search app to try it out. With a quick click of the pen on the iPhone, it looks like a Gmail account. It shows recent searches, along with a short sentence that appears in blue.

When someone searches for “iPhone,” the iPhone app opens and then displays a list of recent searches. The sentence “iPhone app” appears in the top right corner. When you use the default setting of “off,” the icon for the iPhone turns from green to blue and then red to black. With the “set default” option, the icon changes to gray and the word “iphone” is replaced by a blue text. Tap the “ios” option in the menu to open the “ios” settings.

To test whether Google Now is working, download Launcher Social 4.2. Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen to open the app. On the left side, tap “Settings.” An update error fix appears with the words “You do not have permission to install X apps.”

After clicking the “fix update,” you can try again by going to Google and doing a search for the icon. The iPhone will then prompt you to ” authorizing third party applications” before it lets you tap on it. This is where the Google Now function really pays off, as it will allow you to store and share your favorite items, instead of having to type in long, possibly lengthy, strings of keywords.

You will need to allow the app to update again by going to Google and doing a search for “google now”, followed by tapping on the blue “Updates” link. Tap the + button to add the app. After that, you can try out the Hangouts function, and the Hangout button on the phone will replace the standard menu on the phone with a new one.

If everything else fails, a simple fix may be in order. If you’re still getting an error from Google Now, try removing all the items from your current toolbar. Many people think that they’ll be taken off of the internet status, but this doesn’t actually work. Your launcher will simply continue to show these items even if you remove them from your toolbar, rendering them virtually useless until you go into settings and clear them again. Just remember that Google Now will continue to show online status items even if you temporarily disable it, so you’ll still get an update message if you forget about it.