Low Maintenance Gardens – Why Low Maintenance Gardens Are So Important?

“Low Maintenance Gardens”, a local business, is one that provides low maintenance garden areas, which can be used for commercial purposes. The business was established in the Year 2021. The company is run by three partners, John Lea, Martin Slade and Alas Hardie.

Low Maintenance Gardens NE Ltd County Durham

“We specialise in low maintenance landscaping for driveways, paths, car parking, pavements and roadside repairs. Our large selection of services include driveways, patios, walkways, public spaces, residential landscaping, landscape maintenance, and garden landscaping. Our main focus is on building a strong business that we can grow and expand through word-of-mouth advertising, referrals from existing customers and our referral programme. Our landscaping experts continually research the latest trends in landscaping design and are constantly making informed recommendations to our clients. With a commitment to excellence and making every customer feel special, Low Maintenance Gardens continually aims to improve the quality of our service.

Low Maintenance Gardens, established in County Durham in the UK, is a leading landscaping and paving company based in the region of North East England. It has been established for more than 10 years. The company is committed to delivering the best landscaping and paving within the region and is renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company boasts many years experience in landscaping and paving and is dedicated to providing competitive designs, the highest quality materials and innovation.

“The Low Maintenance Gardens provide a superb landscaped driveway that can add value to your property whilst providing excellent protection from the elements. The landscaping and driveway surfaces are treated to withstand wear and tear and are non-slip for all types of foot traffic. ” says Jon Dixson, Managing Director of Low Maintenance Gardens NE Ltd County Durham. “The landscaping and driveway specialists use a multitude of innovative products, including modern day rubber tiles which can withstand heavy traffic and provide a non slip surface.

Another local company with a similar ethos is Garden Direct. “We believe that gardens are an extension of the home and that the best way to improve your home is by landscaping it. ” says Matt Taylor, Marketing Manager of Garden Direct. “We do not start a project with a designer’s vision but rather, with a consultation from the client. We work with local contractors to build quality garden features which are aesthetically pleasing and functional – in keeping with the high standards we hold ourselves to.”

Gardeners Choice is another company that is well-known within the North East of England. “This company is dedicated to creating beautiful gardens and landscape and has over 30 years experience in landscape engineering. ” says Steve Price, Director of Development. “Driveway and entrance building is one of their specialities, having completed over 300 driveway and entrance bespoke projects. They are pleased to supply a host of local and national clients”.